Spalletti: 'Totti a great resourc信用卡赚钱的项目e'

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“Don’t forget I was called in mid-season to fix some problems. I have to impose some rules and remain consistent with everybody, treating them all as players.”

“If the team is struggling, Totti is the best player we co网上21点uld possibly call on. This game was difficult for us, so overturning the result brings us more enthusiasm and that sense of magic.

“The sound of the stadium roaring was fantastic. Tonight Totti did what I asked yet again and is a very important resource for Roma.

“With Totti on the field the stadium is all behind us and the other players are lifted by that atmosphere too. Totti was goin六合投注网站g to come on a little earlier, but Torino’s second goal was a bucket of cold water over us.

“It’s a fundamental victory, especially with a view to the other results,” the Coach told Mediaset Premium after Inter lost 1-0 at Genoa and Napoli crushed Bologna 6-0.

Luciano Spalletti insists Francesco Totti is “a very important resource for Roma,” but doesn’t regret benching him after a stunning brace to beat Torino.

“He doesn’t like my choices, I don’t know if we can balance the team, but we can try. I am a Coach, I have to be credible towards the other players too.

“The problem is that between the role of a Coach and the history of this player there are a series of situations that can never let us be on a par.

The captain came off the bench six minutes from time and scored two goal线上足球投注s within three minutes,

“The equaliser saw Totti do what I had asked him to, and he did the same last time against Atalanta. He stayed on the back post and threw himself into this volley with the outside of the right boot.