Marotta: 'Pogba fundamental'网络兼职赚钱豆豆日结项目

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“Our main objective is to build a group that is ‘Made in Italy’ to give us guarantees and consistency based on top level professionals.

Alvaro Morata said he wants to stay in Turin, but Real Madrid have the buy-back option.

“We’ll seek our players in Italy first and foremost, then if we don网上21点’t find them we’ll look around Europe.”

Juventus director Beppe Marotta assured Paul Pogba is “fundamental” and described the replacement for Claudio Marchisio.

“We hope to get Marchisio back as soon as possible, even if we know that after surgery in situations like this it won’t be until at least the end of September or mid-October.

“We are certain he will take his place with certainty and we’ll evaluate together the best way to substitute him.

Marchisio’s season is over after anterior cruciate ligament surgery, also forcing him to miss Euro 2016.

“On top of that, our ‘little old men’ are proving to be up to the task and we’re sure they can continue to play an important role.

“We want to plan out the transfer strategy 线上足球投注as quickly as possible. Clearly right now Real Madrid are fighting for the Liga title and the Champions League, so understandably their strategy has not been defined yet.”

“We won’t sign a specific replacement for him, but rather we will sign an eclectic midfielder with diff在线外围投注erent qualities.

“We too want to create a competitive team and therefore Pogba is a fundamental part of that,” Marotta told Mediaset Premium.